sophie hines

I had a great time today shooting photos of local model and clothing designer Sophie Hines for the Daily Nebraskan. I still don’t feel fully comfortable in a studio, but I think I made some progress in understanding how that whole thought process works today. Thanks, Sophie!

playboy’s barmate of the year, hannah gappa

I had the pleasure of photographing Hannah Gappa for a story the Daily Nebraskan is doing on her being awarded the title of Playboy’s Barmate of the Year. She was an incredibly nice girl and it was a fun shoot. Have fun in Cabo, Hannah! I’m expecting a spike in hits because the title of this post includes the word playboy….new visitors, subscribe to this blog!

And lastly, a quick portrait I did after helping a friend take some photos for a book she is putting together for a class. The dress she made was awesome.


heading to penn state tomorrow. should be an interesting trip and a good opportunity to cover the events surrounding their campus right now. for now, a basketball season preview portrait and a portrait of my friend, Paige, who is doing awesome things.

and oh yeah, if you haven’t already, go listen to this.


Messing around in the studio while helping Bea do some portraits for an art project she is starting.

everyone loses their place under the sun eventually

burnin’ up a black hole


two time zones apart

road trip

Updates from the next 4 months-ish will be coming from SoCal. For an explanation, look here.

San Clemente, Calif., Lincoln, Neb., Denver, Colo., and somewhere in between the three.

hearst preperation

I was lucky enough to make it to the semi-final round of the Hearst photojournalism competition. Stay tuned for a post consisting of the portfolio that I will be submitting for judging. In the meantime, here’s some of what I’ve shot in the past few days.

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Here’s some green – my way of wishing that the weather would get warmer and stay warm. Spring break doesn’t feel like spring break when it’s 35 degrees.

Kansas City, Mo.