a memorial and memorial stadium

ocean festival 2011

San Clemente, Calif.

the end of the harry potter era

San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

band instructors are always intense

dirt in my shoes, stalking a pelican

Silverado and San Clemente, Calif.

Along the coast

Week two of work starts tomorrow. Starting to understand the city better and was lucky enough to meet some of my neighbors in my apartment building over the weekend. Just a few leftovers from the past four days or so.

San Clemente and Dana Point, Calif.

The 26ers

Today I was surrounded by 10,000 people who were in immensely better shape than I am. Thank god for bicycles.

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Lincoln, Neb.

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easter frenzy

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not quite there yet, chaos, dead animals, former athletes, a blur and a smart girl

Pretty broad selection of photos this week – the first is from a celebrity basketball tournament in Lincoln (I wasn’t aware there were many celebrities in this city, but it turned out to be ex-huskers and the Lincoln Police Department), the second from a Nebraska Friends of Midwives potluck lunch, third is from a taxidermist story I started, fourth is the basketball tournament (again, sorry), fifth is nerf sword fighting and lastly an adult spelling bee. Heading to Lexington, Neb., tomorrow to start some work on an immigration story that will be published along with the intensive work that has already been completed by some of my classmates through the journalism college at UNL.

Lincoln and Omaha, Neb.

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