see you in a bit, U.S.

I leave for Kyrgyzstan at noon. I’ll be there for three weeks with an awesome group of students and mentors, working on stories that will hopefully make a difference. If you’d like to follow the trip’s blog, it’s here (not fully set up yet, but it will be soon).

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playboy’s barmate of the year, hannah gappa

I had the pleasure of photographing Hannah Gappa for a story the Daily Nebraskan is doing on her being awarded the title of Playboy’s Barmate of the Year. She was an incredibly nice girl and it was a fun shoot. Have fun in Cabo, Hannah! I’m expecting a spike in hits because the title of this post includes the word playboy….new visitors, subscribe to this blog!

And lastly, a quick portrait I did after helping a friend take some photos for a book she is putting together for a class. The dress she made was awesome.

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I finally downloaded Instagram, after lots of frustration with Hipstamatic. Love it so far, and am going to be posting an updated series of snaps from time to time…here’s the first bunch.