a nice wide road

just a small collection of recent personal photos. it’s been a trying week to say the least, and a few things made me step back and force myself to start shooting more personal photos. it’s been a huge stress reliever and rewarding to my own self examination. more to come about that topic in a future post…

on another note, as the semester winds up, i couldn’t be more thankful for how much the lincoln photo community has grown this year. well-attended media nights have become a regular activity, there are more active young photographers than ever before (at least while I’ve been in nebraska) and i’ve met so many new people that inspire and push me, whether they realize it or not.

so i guess that, as thanksgiving comes around, i’d like to say i’m thankful for every one of my friends. you all help me become a better person.

and, nickolai, your mustache is awesome and should never be made fun of again.

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