pre eddie adams jitters

For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently in New York City. I’ll be heading upstate to Jeffersonville, New York, tomorrow for the Eddie Adams Workshop. It’s going to be an incredible experience, and I wanted to get out and spend my day exploring and shooting before the workshop started. I’ll be on a team with 9 other workshop attendees, and the team will be led by Michael Williamson, Tim Rasmussen and Lisa Krantz, three professionals who I have an incredible amount of respect for and have admired since I got into photojournalism.

The first set of images here is from the Occupy Wall Street protests. Following that are some ‘from-the-hip’ street-style photos from my walk to High Line Park, which is where the third set of images comes from.

And here are my ‘from-the-hip-style’ street photos on my walk to High Line Park…

High Line Park is gorgeous. It’s a different way to view the city, no stoplights, greenery everywhere and a really relaxed, happy atmosphere. My legs are dead from all the walking I did today, but I enjoyed it. Here are some images from the park.

And lastly is a quick portrait I shot of an Argentinian woman I had the pleasure of meeting today. If you follow up and check this blog, feel free to grab this image for yourself, it was nice meeting you and I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Hi there. Really liked the “wall street pig” photo. Nice. You have more to show? 🙂
    Anyways greetings from the Morph Each Week Projekt. I can be found at Connect via – Have a wonderful day ahead and keep up the good work.

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