And there goes February…

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a common trend among music videos

Some outtakes from a last minute feature hunt, a few more selects from a story I’ve been working on, an MMA fight and another photo of Bea.

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Columbia still likes Four Loko

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Missouri? What?

Growing up near the Kansas-Missouri border, you’re either taught to love MU and hate KU, or the other way around. I was persuaded to the KU side of things, and disliked Missouri for that reason only most of my life. But I’ve been sitting in the Reynolds Journalism Institute watching the Pictures of the Year International judging the past two days, eating at some local restaurants in Columbia, and wandering around downtown, and I have to say, Columbia isn’t too bad of a place to be.

I’ve gotten to know some fellow photo-j students from Nebraska a little bit better on this trip, and met a few new ones, including Alex Matzke and her 50mm f/1.2. I’ve also gotten a chance to meet a few of the incredibly talented photojournalists and picture editors that make up the judging staff, including Katie Falkenberg who was kind enough to give me some advice, a portfolio critique and I hope to see her during my time in California this summer.

Only two of these frames were taken in Columbia, the rest are from Lincoln.

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I was colder than they were, and I had a coat

I got to shoot a very interesting Karate demonstration tonight, which started with the group going outside, the guys taking their shirts off, and performing their warmup in near zero degree temperatures. After walking back inside, the head of the group showed me his skin – he didn’t even have goosebumps. Apparently the form of Karate they perform teaches them to control every muscle in their body, which helps them generate their own source of heat.

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