for you, shark. you know who you are.

for family.

So many questions i want to ask.

forgive myself for the many times i was cruel to something helpless and weak.

sutter home.

best friends.


people i worry about.

people i want to succeed.

people i know will succeed.

people i miss.

girls i miss.

mistakes i’ve learned from.

the temple of doom.

and more importantly, the lion house.

my future home.

knowing that i will make people smile.

knowing that this world will be better when i’m gone.

and if not, someone will be better off.

should’ve written this on thanksgiving.

should’ve felt like this on thanksgiving.

my jealousy of birds.

I love you all.

now everyone, on the count of three!

© 2010 Andrew Dickinson

2 Responses to x2

  1. emily bliss says:

    can i always be your best friend?

  2. Zombea says:

    Many, many likes for this post. :]

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