cedar county museum

I had an assignment today to shoot the Cedar County Museum for an article that is being written on the fact that it is a stop that many of the (few) tourists make when they travel to Hartington.

I went into it expecting to be showed around and given the typical history information about the area, hear the names of one or two important people and to be sent on my way. It turned out that small town museums are different from what you would expect.

Hartington is a tight-knit community; everyone knows everyone. So, to hear my tour guide talk about the people who had donated musical instruments, created hundreds and hundreds of intricate wooden carvings and the doctor that delivered her when she was born was captivating. She showed me around every room of the museum and, as we walked into each one, she had a story about the history displayed in that room that seemed so personal to her.

It was a very cool experience and, while there wasn’t much of national historical significance, it was a unique way for me to see the history of the area I have been covering for the past month. Learn some of the important names. See what people care about here.

Two weeks left.

© 2010 Andrew Dickinson and/or the Cedar County News

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