portfolio collage

Spent the past few hours today and plenty of time last night putting together a portfolio for my trip to the Savage Seminar this weekend. Hoping to get some harsh critiques from some amazing photojournalists while I’m there.

It’s incredible looking back at all that I’ve done in the 9 months since I picked up a camera, though. I’ve learned so much, but have also realized that I still have a long, long way to go. At the same time I feel like enjoying one day where I can just put my best images together and look at the progress I’ve made since I started shooting in June 2009. I went from shooting pictures of pretty red fences with a short DoF by the ocean and bumping up the saturation in Photoshop to finding stories and reporting on things that are actually important. I was able to make post-processing something of far less importance, and finding moments through the viewfinder paramount.

I’ve been very lucky though. I decided on the right college and was instantly surrounded by the right people. I’d like to thank some photographers who I’ve looked up to as friends and photojournalists since I’ve been at UNL – Clay, Lambo, and Patrick especially. Anyone I’ve shot with or talked to about photography or journalism has helped me in some way or another, and there are more thanks to give than I can even imagine. Thanks to my photo professor Bruce as well, he has been good at keeping me on the right track and opened my eyes to documentary photography through a book in class.

Hopefully I’ll return the favor to some new student some day.

© 2010 Andrew Dickinson, the Daily Nebraskan, and/or the Lincoln Journal Star

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